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I specialize in helping small businesses build beautifully effective websites at affordable rates. I offer a variety of services to help you plan, build and manage a website that will meet your evolving needs.


Plan all aspects of website development process

Define scope and requirements

Determine the best tools to build and manage your website

Conduct competitive analysis

Select and register domains

Plan content strategy and develop the site map

Curate content to attract customers and search engines

Review your current website and provide a detailed report on improvements


Design a website that fits your unique business

Use consistent layouts, colors and fonts to match your brand

Migrate your existing website into a new website management tool

Enable e-commerce shopping from product pages to checkout

Ensure website is optimized for mobile devices

Test website on multiple browsers, operating systems and devices

Enable web statistic tools, such as Google Analytics

Follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices

Design to meet website accessibility standards


Create documentation detailing how to update your website

Train your website managers

Manage your websites updates if you prefer

Add new features to meet your evolving needs

Refresh and optimize content as needed

Create web statistic reports detailing website usage, traffic sources, and customer profile information

I utilize popular web publishing tools that will enable you to manage your own website going forward. I can help you quickly identify the right tool, set up your website and train you to manage your own website.
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